Our Child Ambassador
Enoch Bempong Jr.
Enoch Bempong is fifteen years old and attends Maxwell Heights Secondary School in Oshawa. He is now in Grade 10. Enoch has been a camper with Camp Jumoke for four years and has an interest in continuing to attend camp as part of the Polaris programme, the leadership programme organized by Camp Wenonah.

Enoch has a positive and hopeful outlook and is comfortable talking about his experiences as a child living with Sickle Cell Disease. He has also expressed a strong appreciation for the opportunity to attend Camp Jumoke,

Enoch is comfortable talking to adults and has spoken at church services. He believes that his experiences at Camp Jumoke pushed him outside his comfort zone and that Camp has helped him to develop self-confidence, independence and leadership skills. At the candle lighting ceremony, held at the end of this year's camping session, Enoch was selected as the male representative for the "most positive camper", a wonderful recognition.

Enoch is looking forward to his new role as Child Ambassador for Camp Jumoke and welcomes the opportunity to raise awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, promote Camp Jumoke and engage in fundraising activities.

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