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Our Child Ambassador

The Board of Directors of Camp Jumoke is pleased to introduce Asaiah Edwards, the Beverly Mascoll Scholarship Winner and Camp Jumoke Child Ambassador for 2017-2018.

Asaiah is a very engaging and interesting young man with a positive outlook.  Asaiah first attended Camp Jumoke when he was 11 years old and he has attended camp every year since then.

Asaiah is a good storyteller and has a sense of humour.  According to Asaiah camp is amazing and he wants us to know that he does not use that word very often.  In his essay, Asaiah tells a story about the sing along sessions around the camp.  He told his brother about them and his brother said that it sounded like the Disney movie, Camp Rock.  Asaiah’s response was that it was better because he was in it.

Asaiah has been a Sick Kids Ambassador and has participated in several fundraising events and activities organized by the Sick Kids Foundation.  He has become comfortable speaking in front of an audience.  He is proud to represent both Sick Kids and Camp Jumoke.

Congratulations, Asaiah!  Best wishes in your new role.

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Stay Tuned – Our Child Ambassador Program Will Be Relaunched Later This Year!