A “third-party event” is typically organized by an individual who offers to volunteer their time and efforts to organize the event. This individual may be from the general public and may include a member of a community or service group, business or company. The event is not an official activity of the charity nor is the planner associated to the charity. The individual planning the event acts independently but has obtained the charity’s approval. Third-party events are an important source of raising money for the charity and greatly assist in raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease.

Establish a fundraising target that is achievable. This will encourage those you will be approaching to support your event. Setting your aim too high could lead to disappointment for all involved.

Create a budget for expenses that your event will incur, but realize that high expenses may lead to a lower donation to Camp Jumoke.

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Another way to support our mission is by hosting a fundraiser and donating proceeds to Camp Jumoke. Here’s how:

First, establish your event date. Then, create a work back calendar to ensure you have taken all planning activities into consideration. Do not over-extend yourself or others with the event. A smaller-scale event may be easier to execute, less costly to organize, less labour-intensive and have a higher return rate. Also have a back-up plan in case of unexpected circumstances beyond your control.

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How We Fundraise

In addition to the funds received from generous donors and sponsors, Camp Jumoke holds three main fundraising events throughout the year: The Novo Nordisk® “Hazel” 5KM walk/run (spring), walk-a-thon (fall) and a scholarship dinner (winter). We receive no government funding.

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Take the time to learn about Camp Jumoke and the work that we do. Others will be more likely to donate or help you, if you can express the importance of the work Camp Jumoke does and why you need their assistance.

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Research, brainstorm and ask opinions about your fundraising idea(s) then survey those around you – would they be willing to attend your event; would they donate or help?

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Know your market – who are you trying to encourage to attend or to help at your event? The size of your event may be better suited to the audience you want and may help you select a suitable venue, assess the planning required in advance and what type of advertising will be required.


To help stay organized, follow the points below before, during and after your event to ensure you don’t forget important details. As you plan your event, be sure to:

  • Determine if there are any safety, legal or permit issues involved

  • Determine how many helpers/volunteers you will need – roles, stations, etc.

  • Recruit your helpers/volunteers and provide them with specific instructions

  • Determine your budget and shopping list

  • Secure your event location/venue

  • Schedule your event

  • Create your promotional materials

  • Obtain approval from Camp Jumoke for your plans and materials, etc.

  • Assign a trustworthy individual to handle the donations and find a secure location for cash storage

  • Use the pledge forms for donations of $20 or more to ensure tax receipts can be properly issued

  • Collect and count the donation money – store in a SAFE place!

  • Remember to thank your helpers, contributors and the donors!


Promoting your event is crucial and will help attract participation and donations. Create awareness by using posters and/or flyers in your area including storefronts, businesses, libraries, schools and other high-traffic venues and perhaps even your community paper. You can also use technology by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, emailing and ask your contacts to forward!